56k Cloud

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Brand new identity and website for a technology company focusing on Automation, Cloud, Containers, and DevOps trainings — We worked side by side with the co-founders to create a digital experience reflecting the main goal of the company.

Design kick-off

After each design kick-off meeting, we try to have a clear idea of what the main message of the site is. 56k Cloud’s one, is to make sure Companies know how to structure correctly their business in the clouds, so teams are all moving at same speed. So “they can be on the same train”

Their business is to train teams, so we came up with the idea of a train, where each team would be inside a wagon and all those wagons would look like they are moving at the same speed! Pretty rad right? 😉

Website & Motion

The site is full of subtle touches unique to 56k cloud.

The theme of the train sets the tone for the entire homepage composition. But then for the “About us” page, we flew to the Alps, where the company is located.

We also had a blast turning our designs into beautiful scrolling experience. Here’s a peak of some of the interactions you’ll find on the site. 👉



  • Brand Identity



Brand identity and website for DAML, a FinTech startup who wanted to create a brand system capable of getting interest from the developer community for the release of their SDK. DAML is powering a way for developers to build Blockchain applications even if they’ve never written a distributed app before.