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Brand identity and website for DAML, a FinTech startup who wanted to create a brand system capable of getting interest from the developer community for the release of their SDK. DAML is powering a way for developers to build Blockchain applications even if they’ve never written a distributed app before.

Developers first!

Working closely with the DAML leadership team, Voila created a brand identity and website that communicates the power of DAML’s platform, while simultaneously demystifying the “blockchain technology” with beautiful visuals.

The brand system utilises a grotesque font, coupled with open white-space, all together cultivating a modern aesthetic.


Voila also designed and developed DAML’s website, implementing the brand system to create an amazing experience capable of captivating the interest of developers and drive them to test the SDK.



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A new brand for a new challenger making its entrance in the Healthcare industry — We partnered with Regards to help them build from scratch, a brand and site experience that elevate their offer and their story.