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Brand identity and landing page design for a technology company developing an AI-powered ad aggregator platform for marketplaces where buyers and sellers can connect with their perfect match. For 4 weeks, we’ve worked closely with their creative team to help them find the right tone of voice.

Logo first!

To create the logo, we carried out a series of typographic experiments playing with the structure of the letter “g” and the concept of gravete reflecting the technology dimension.

The logo is complemented by an eye-catching color palette and a series of playful 3D illustrations showcasing the industries Gravete serves.



Let's bring it to life!

We also helped gravete create some marketing assets like business cards, posters and instagram ads to establish consistency across all mediums.



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How we made “Analytics” Easy & Engaging — Mixpanel became one of the giants in “Mobile & Web Analytics”. And they got there with a focus on design that’s uncommon for an analytic service. From 2013 to 2017, we worked side-by-side with the marketing team to re-position Mixpanel’s messaging and give the marketing site a fresh new identity.