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Branding and marketing site for a FinTech startup powering a new way for the insurance industry to price risk, in real time. We created a tone of voice that investors and insurances companies can relate to and that can really reflect Ledger’s technology.

Our Brand strategy

Ledger is a technology company that is disrupting the financing of the insurance industry. We designed a language that reflects Ledger’s unique technology. It’s power and flexibility.

Technology first!

To illustrate its technology and its constant learning ability, we chose to go with a serie of geometric illustrations. Those illustrations are constantly reshaping to show the power of Ledger’s technology.

Keep scrolling!

Each page is very unique. The homepage and the the product pages are all composed with beautiful geometric shapes and screenshots of their web app (that we redesigned as well).

Make sure to also check out the about us page presenting the team. We always enjoy designing those pages.



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How we made “Analytics” Easy & Engaging — Mixpanel became one of the giants in “Mobile & Web Analytics”. And they got there with a focus on design that’s uncommon for an analytic service. From 2013 to 2017, we worked side-by-side with the marketing team to re-position Mixpanel’s messaging and give the marketing site a fresh new identity.