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Branding and ICO landing page for a crypto currency company. Back in January 2019, Micai launched an ICO and approached us to create their entire campaign to promote it.

Our Brand Strategy

We designed and built an experience clear enough to attract new buyers into their “Token sale”.

Our primary challenge was to explain a new and unconventional technology in a way that was universally understandable around a beautiful visual language.

Tasty campaigns!

To help them realize their global ambitions, we also designed a series of posters, billboards and brochures reinforcing their presence outside the web as well.

Visually immersive!

ICO’s sites are usually built around a single landing page describing the benefits of the token sale, the roadmap as well as the team behind it.

If you ran into one of pages before, I’m sure you could not help but noticing the amount of scrolling you have to go through.

We made every scroll worth it!



  • Branding



How we helped a leading startup in the Analytic SaaS industry put their marketing site together — Back in 2017 we had the pleasure to work with Singular to re-define the new foundation and design direction of their marketing site.