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A new brand for a new challenger making its entrance in the Healthcare industry — We partnered with Regards to help them build from scratch, a brand and site experience that elevate their offer and their story.

Our Brand Strategy

Regards helps anyone with long term injuries access to income. To support the mission Regards have, we came up with the slogan “We’ve got you covered” that became the story line for the site.

Through out the page, you would find a series of metaphoric scenes, supporting the idea that Regards can cover anyone, no matter what!

Mobile Experience

Regards anticipated a lot of sign ups through mobile. We made sure the site was entirely responsive and could provide the same experience you get on the web. Even better!



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Brand identity and website for DAML, a FinTech startup who wanted to create a brand system capable of getting interest from the developer community for the release of their SDK. DAML is powering a way for developers to build Blockchain applications even if they’ve never written a distributed app before.