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New Brand Identity & Website for Resolute — A Tech Startup developing a “search AI-powered solution” allowing companies dealing with a ton of data, to easily search and find what they are looking for.

A.I driven solution!

Resolute clients are big Pharmaceutical and Tech companies. The real value behind their solution is the AI technology they’ve built.

Julien & Diego worked closely with Resolute to create a new identity that aligns with the company’s value and purpose — To make Search, AI intelligent.

We wanted to create a brand that express “experience” and a track record of “success”.



Resolute wanted to create an interactive experience explaining the benefits of AI for any companies that deals with a lot of data.

We helped them with their entire site (around 5 pages).



56k Cloud

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Brand new identity and website for a technology company focusing on Automation, Cloud, Containers, and DevOps trainings — We worked side by side with the co-founders to create a digital experience reflecting the main goal of the company.