Vault 12

  • Branding
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Brand identity & website for vault12, a crypto company who wants to help crypto holders secure their wallet — We worked closely with their marketing team to create the guidelines for a new brand strategy, visual identity and tone of voice.

Our Brand Strategy

We use IBM Plex Sans font family for all communications. The rigid corners of this typeface establish a sense of security and technology-led company.

A color palette of electric blue & light grey are used in tandem to position Vault12 as a trustful and serious solution in this emerging industry.



We created a set of illustrations and a set of icons in the brand colors to set a secure tone, to again emphasize Vault12 as an everyday brand that gives you the power to protect your crypto.


Digital Asset

  • Blockchain
  • Branding



The Blockchain, we heard of it! — Digital Asset is a leading the way in the blockchain industry with smart contract. ASX, the (Australian Stock Exchange) just decided to upgrade its post-trade settlement and clearing system with DA blockchain technology. We teamed up with them for more than 12 months, to help them create a design language that reflects their strategic positioning and product offerings.